Hans Fallada

This year I discovered my new favorite author Hans Fallada, thanks to following the publishing company Melville House on Twitter and going on their site daily. Over the summer I took a class called Teaching and Learning that required students to make video presentations on any topic of our choosing, and I chose Fallada as my topic in the hopes that my classmates would be inspired to read his book Every Man Dies Alone.

This is currently the only novel of Fallada’s I have read because his works went out of print in english for many years and weren’t widely available until Melville House began publishing it again. Even so, Every Man Dies Alone is typically the only novel you will find of his in a bookstore or library, meaning I’ll be purchasing the rest of them directly from MH’s site in order to a.) support the publisher and b.) own the physical copy so I can freely write in them and underline my favorite quotes.

Here is one of my favorite sections from Every Man Dies Alone that just stopped me in my tracks when I read it, particularly the last line:

“‘And there will be more of us, Anna. We will make more. We will inspire other people to write their own postcards. In the end, scores of people, hundreds, will be sitting down and writing cards like us. We will inundate Berlin with postcards, we will slow the machines, we will depose the Führer, end the war…’ He stops, alarmed by his own words, these dreams that so late in life have come to haunt his heart.”

This is my class presentation video, and I hope it inspires you to read the novel. (I had to reload on to Youtube because of a malfunction):