Story Time

It’s been a few days since I had to cover our branch’s big Wednesday morning story time. It was absolutely terrifying but it was like most experiences people dread: as soon as it starts you can only move forward. The whole thing lasted an hour and it definitely felt like an hour. One part I was the most nervous for was the 15 minutes before it actually started, since that meant I had to already be sitting down and greeting everyone that came in –  making small talk with parents I’ve never officially met and toddlers who definitely don’t know me. But luckily that time went by quickly when I complimented one little girl’s polka dot shoes and that made every single kid start to hold their feet in the air with their hands going, “look at my shoes! My shoes have The Avengers! My shoes are orange and blue!” All in all there were 83 at story time and I felt like I needed to take a nap afterward. It really made me admire everything children’s librarians do, because let me tell you: entertaining 80 people for an hour is not easy.


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