Why Am I Scared of Kids?

Our children’s librarian is on vacation and God bless the woman – she waited an entire year to take a week’s vacation because she knew how much I didn’t want to cover her children’s programming. (Also she couldn’t use any until 6 months after hiring so…) (Also, I’ve been there a year and haven’t taken vacation yet. Just FYI.) But hey, kids are terrifying! They’re so blunt in their honesty and their love-hate attitudes turn on the flip of a switch. Covering 4 or more programs in one week is not my idea of a good time, because if I bomb on the first one then chances are I’ll bomb on every other one that’s still coming up.

Today I had my first program and it was preschool story time. It was a good one to start out on because it’s always small (5-8) compared to Wednesday’s typical 60-80 participants. (60-80!!!!!) I got 3 books in before I lost control of the little guys and we went on to craft time. The point was to trace their hands on a paper, and there was one 3 year old boy in the group who was super cute but totally not into the craft. He was more interested in picking out every purple crayon in the bin, which is interesting enough but the mom was not about to let it fly. Finally I picked up a green crayon and said, “You know, Tommy, if you outline your hands in this green it would look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hand!”. His eyes LIT UP and I got a resounding, “YESSSS!!”

Then we became best friends.

Until craft time was over and he left.

The end.


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