Summer Learning 2015

The Summer Learning Program (SLP) at the library has come and gone and one month later I finally remember to write about it. I’m great at this blogging thing!

In three months I had 11 programs and was exhausted from day one. Teenagers can wear you out! I had a circus tricks program that included juggling, spinning plates, and mastering walking on stilts. One pair of stilts were 6″ and the other pair was 12″. Most teens wouldn’t try the tall ones so I learned to master those while everyone else took turns on the shorter ones.

Some other programs were Fandom Friday, Paint & Plant, Hour of Code, Mystery Night, and the 2015 Ice Cream Olympics. I had a lot of fun planning the olympics but it’s not easy for two people to corral 15 teens together and make them all do the same thing at the same time, so it was basically 2 hours of me yelling nonstop to talk over 7 separate yet simultaneous conversations. It had to be outside and of course it was 90 degrees, so we had to move fast to get through everything before the ice cream melted. I had a cherry on a stick relay race (had to hold the stick in their mouths), “spooning”, bob for gummies, ice cream sandwich toss, ice cream topping scavenger hunt, and then finally an ice cream eating contest. They were happy but I think both my helper Rob and I deserved a vacation after that one.

The best part of the SLP was that on the final program of the summer one of my new regulars gave me a thank-you card when she arrived. Her mom told me that her Aspergers made it difficult for her get comfortable with new situations but that she had looked forward to coming to my programs all summer. That was a pretty great feeling.

Now that my first SLP as an official librarian is over I definitely know what I need to work on for next year, but all in all I had a pretty good (and busy) summer spent at work.

What my desk looked like pretty much the whole summer (with some ARCs of juvenile/YA books not yet published! (at the time I took the photo) (can you do parentheses within parentheses? I just did.)(Wolf Wilder was rull rull good.)(I have a rull big crush on Theo James/Four.))



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