Sass Attack

I don’t know why it’s never dawned on me before now to include tidbits of interactions with patrons, but after a particular incident yesterday I decided some things are too good not to share. Kids these days have a whole lot of sass and that’s something I admire yet dread depending on the circumstances. Either way, I’ve decided it’s now become a thing to blog about.

Setting the scene:

::Inside the library near juvenile fiction. A young boy comes up to the desk and says his older brother needs help looking for a mystery book. The other boy is spotted just down yonder, aged somewhere between 8-9.::

Me: Well, hello! I hear you’re looking for a mystery book! Did you already know of one you wanted to get, or do you like mysteries and just want to find a new one to read?

Boy, on cellphone, (!) rolling his eyes at me, (!): Who are you?

Me, slightly agitated: I’m Lauren, the Teen Librarian. Can I help you find something?

Boy, sarcastically: Teen Librarian? How old are you 14? 15?

Me: No, I’m 12. I’m really advanced for my age. “Teen Librarian” is more of an honor title.

::awkward silence::

Me: Welp, let me know if you need help.

Exit, stage left.